"The Pursuit" is a study of the book of Ruth.  God is pursuing a love relationship with us.  When we are away from him he initiates every opportunity to be in that relationship.  He is hoping we will return. 

Ruth 1:1-22 - Naomi returns Ruth to her homeland and faith.  Our hardships draw us back to God.  God loves when we turn back to him.(Mother's Day message)

Ruth 2:1-13 - Boaz initiates a conversation with Ruth.  The Lord initiates conversations and relationships with everyone.

Ruth 2:14-23 - Boaz invites Ruth to dine with him.  God wants us to spend time at the table with him.  When we do, he gives us next steps to follow.

Ruth 3:1-18 - Ruth surrenders her life to Boaz the Kinsman Redeemer.  Jesus hopes that you will surrender your life to him.

Ruth 4:1-12 - Boaz makes a way to redeem Ruth for himself.  Regardless of our station in life, God's plan is for Jesus us to redeem us for abundant life on earth and eternity life in heaven.

Ruth 4:13-22 - Boaz and Ruth give birth to Obed.  They are in the family lineage of Jesus.  God's blessings continue when we stay in tune with him.